Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movies reviewed on the 9/20 show and then some!!!!

Game 6 (2005)– I was pleasantly surprised by this flick. The movie started and it didn’t really seem to be going anywhere, but on the back half, the cast and story come together and produce something much deeper than I expected.3.5 out of 5

Top Gun (1986) – When it comes down to it, the fast passed action sequences and the corny jokes had me sold. What I am really confused by is how they took a 4 minute “Take My Breath Away” song and make it 25 min. I could go not hearing that song again.3 out of 5

Devil (2010) - When I went into this movie, I understood that it could go either way, but the way the story was told and the way it all came together, for whatever reason, worked for me. It's a thriller with a message and I really dug it. 4 out of 5

Enduring Love (2004)Though it has a slow pace, I could never turn away from the movie. I was completely engulfed in these characters and I wanted to see what happened to them. The great performances mixed with the compelling score makes for a really solid movie.4 out of 5

Easy A (2010) - Any scene with Stanley Tucci is genuinely hilarious. The rest of the movie is just ehh. I'd wait for DVD with this one because it really is just OK. 3 out of 5

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TOP 5: 1st

This Top 5 list is all about 1st movies in a franchise or trilogy. 

5. Clerks – Though you might not think that Clerks isn’t the start of a franchise, it definitely is. It is the first movie of the unofficial “Jersey Trilogy”. Clerks is crude, well written, and completely hilarious.

4. Toy Story – It’s a film from our childhood and it is phenomenal. It also leads to 2 great sequels. It’s a great trilogy and Toy Story started it all.

3. Matrix – As much as you can hate on the Matrix Trilogy, the first one was groundbreaking and mind blowing. And even though the rest of the trilogy sucked The Matrix is still one phenomenal motion picture.

2. Jaws – Jaws is such a great movie and is a classic. That shark has filled the minds and nightmares of people across the decades. This is such a great flick and definitely deserves to be on the top 5.

1. Silence of the Lambs - Silence of the Lambs is quite possibly one of the creepiest movies in cinematic history. It is creepy, disturbing, and deservingly holds the #1 spot on our top 5 list. 

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Gonna Be Good

It is about to happen and I am very excited. Mountain Top Movies is about to have it's first Show on Monday 9/20 at 8pm on 90.5 WASU FM Boone and all around the world at WASUrocks.com. This blog is going to be used as a source for reviews of the shows that we talk about on the show. There are a few segments on the show.
REEL TALK - Where we just talk about movies we recently saw.
TOP 5 - A top 5 list that is relevant to the theme of that weeks show. For Example, Top 5 Football Movies
VS. - Where we take to similar movies, and discuss which one is better. i.e., The Prestige and The Illusionist
MOVIE SPOTLIGHT - Whatever the Big movie of the week is, We are going to talk about it. 

Those are Just a few of the segments we have, so be sure to tune in on Monday 9/20 at 8pm because its going to be a good time.